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Partnerships with top-tier Liquidity Providers

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State of the art Equinix data centres in New York NY4 and Tokyo TY3


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Start your financial growth journey with us by creating a traders account today.

Select Plan

After creating your trader's account select a plan from our well structed trading plans.

Deposit Funds

Select a fund deposit method and proceed to deposit into the company account or wallet address.

Withdraw Funds

The important part of our trading platform is generating instant withdrawal of funds to the trader's account or wallet address.

Be A Fund Manager

Be your own manager portfolio By trading on our platform allows you to manage your own investor funds through its proprietary 

15,000+ Trading Instrument​

Our expert trade on over 15,000 asset category. Trade CFDs on Forex, Future, indeces, Metals, Energies, Cryptocurrency and shares

The Perfect Environment For Expert Advisors(EA)

We’ve built the perfect environment for EAs to thrive. We  allow scalping, hedging, news trading and more. No requotes and no minimum stop loss distance

Real Voices, Real Results: Client Testimonials

As someone new to trading, I was initially overwhelmed. Toptradingsquare made the process incredibly accessible. Their educational resources, user-friendly platform, and responsive customer support team made my journey into trading smooth and enjoyable. I feel confident and empowered in managing my investments with Toptradingsquare.

[Ad Maddox]

Partnering with Toptradingsquares has been a game-changer for our company. Their expert team provided invaluable insights and strategies that significantly improved our trading outcomes. The level of professionalism and personalized service exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Toptradingsquare for anyone serious about achieving success in the financial markets.

[Adam Cooper]

I appreciate the transparency and integrity demonstrated by Toptradingsquares. Their commitment to ethical trading practices aligns with our values. The platform is user-friendly, and the real-time analytics have been crucial in making informed decisions. Toptradingsquares has become an essential partner in our financial strategy.

[LaDaryl Garner]

Having traded for years, I’ve worked with various platforms, and Toptradingsquares stands out. The advanced tools and market insights provided are unmatched. The platform’s stability and quick execution have streamlined my trading activities. I confidently recommend Toptradingsquares to fellow traders looking for a top-tier experience.

[Christopher Williams]

Working with Toptradingsquares has enhanced my ability to deliver optimal results for my clients. The comprehensive research tools, expert analysis, and diversified investment options have allowed me to create well-rounded portfolios. The support from Toptradingsquares has been instrumental in achieving our financial goals.

[Corey Hudson]

I rely on speed and accuracy in my day trading activities, and Toptradingsquares has consistently delivered. The platform’s real-time data and lightning-fast execution have been instrumental in maximizing my profits. The intuitive interface is a bonus, making it easy to navigate even during high-pressure trading sessions.

[Brisha butler]

Approaching retirement, I sought a platform that balanced security and growth. Toptradingsquares offered the perfect blend. Their retirement-focused investment options, combined with insightful retirement planning resources, have given me confidence in securing my financial future. I appreciate the personalized attention and guidance provided by the team.

[Alexzandria Taylor]

Diving into the world of cryptocurrencies can be daunting, but Toptradingsquares made it accessible. The platform’s coverage of various digital assets, coupled with educational materials and market analysis, empowered me to make informed decisions in the volatile crypto market. It’s my go-to platform for all things crypto.

[Anthony Colvin]

A Trading Account For Every Trader

we offers a variety of trading accounts to match trading style across all levels of experience.

Starter Trader

$ 300
  • Min Deposit $300
  • Max Deposit $999
  • Base Currency USD
  • Full I.T Support
  • Referral Bonus
  • Forex/Crypto

Bronze Trader

$ 1000
  • Min Deposit $300
  • Max Deposit $999
  • Base Currency USD
  • Full I.T Support
  • Referral Bonus
  • Forex/Crypto

Silver Trader

$ 4,000
  • Min Deposit $4,000
  • Max Deposit $9,999
  • Base Currency USD
  • Full I.T Support
  • Referral Bonus
  • Forex/Crypto/shares

Gold Trader

$ 10,000
  • Min Deposit $10,000
  • Max Deposit Unlimited
  • Base Currency USD
  • Full I.T Support
  • Referral Bonus
  • Crypto/Shares/Forex

100% Capital Cashback

Our 100% Capital guarantee cashback program is accessible to all investors. This action is called upon when the company experiences a significant loss while trading with the investor’s capital. Affected investors will be contacted via the company’s oficial email [info@toptradingsquares.com] for any of the following options:

  1. Full refunds
  2. Continue Trading with account

Trade with a globally recognized broker

Top Trading Squares limited is a United States Of America registered company. (Company Number: 3546700, 158 Todds Lane, san Antonio, Texas, United States of America. we are 24/7 trading broker platform that works automatically, and it hasbeen registered in the US company registry.

We offer a no-experience trading method to help you remove unnecessary risks. Over the past few years, our experts have come up with a workable automated arbitrage trading software from manual strategic trading that can help you earn a lot of money.

In 2017, we made a record of $1 million per day. From spot trading, future trading, crypto trading and investment ICO project, we invested TRX and BEO heavily through our analysis and earned tens of millions of dollars. we accept bitcoin.

Our unique Stock, foreign exchange market, Forex trading solution provides our clients with an opportunity to grow their trading in the secured safe environment.

We employ a team of crypto analysts and proved trading professionals who collectively, have decades of experience in foreign trade market and have earned millions of dollars in the Forex industry.

Our software system was developed to give our investors a variable percentage profit according to user’s trading strategy, we offer 4 strategic trading plans that suits current trading market

Our company is insured which means assured safety of our investors deposits.

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